The Gifts of Spring


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Copyright 2013 Maggie Smith

Copyright 2013 Maggie Smith

In Northern California, the blossoms are bursting forth on every type of tree. In my yard, I have sugar plum trees, apple trees, a pear tree, and a Meyer lemon that lives in a barrel on my deck (so the deer can’t get to it). Wisteria is draping its beautiful blossoms around fences and daffodils are everywhere. California poppies and lupine bloom beside roadways and the allergy producing yellow blossoms of the acacia trees are in abundance. It’s spring, and even though we are having a drought, mother nature still expresses her love for us with her splendid gown of green, gold, white, purple, pink, and blue colors.

Copyright 2014 Maggie Smith

Copyright 2014 Maggie Smith

California farmers have a new opportunity to figure out what to plant that will sustain them during the coming dry months. I took a tour of “Route 1 Farm” last week. The owner who has farmed in the area for 20 years had some serious considerations about what he would plant when the wet spring ground becomes parched. Due to past drought conditions, it is likely dry farm tomatoes, beets, and root vegetables will be more abundant this summer growing season rather than the thirsty greens.

We now have a brand new opportunity, to look at a natural resource, which will soon become as precious as gold——water. It has been so abundant and easy to access that we have taken it for granted; now we are being given the opportunity to change our patterns and usage of this priceless and life sustaining gift.

What changes are in store for your life this spring? What new roads will you travel? What new opportunities will come your way? Is it time to reconsider your patterns and make a shift to another lifestyle? The patterns that we learned from birth to age seven drive our lives today. Are those patterns still working for you? If not, perhaps it’s time to plant new seeds and change those patterns.

To support your journey, I’ve created Courage, a new Flower Essence Energy spray. During April, I’m offering Courage or Release spray to help you make those changes. The April special Buy TWO Get ONE free,* is valid until April 26th. *Tax and shipping not included in the offer.

Happy Spring

Creating Relationships

ROSEAs Valentine’s day approaches this weekend, I wanted to share with you more about my Creating Relationships spray.

Relationships which are based on both partners communication in a loving manner, and sharing the daily responsibilities of life, have the most harmony and fun.  The “please” and “thank you” aspects of communication are vastly more important for our partners, whom we often take for granted.  On the stage of life, we are not always the big star, sometimes we are the supporting actors, or the observer applauding their achievements.  These roles change daily.

Think about what a balanced and harmonious relationship would look like for you.  What do you want to create in your life?  Make a list of three things you are grateful for in your life or your relationship, then find a way to express those three things every day in some way to other people you meet.

Creating the joyful relationships you want with partners, associates, children, or strangers will make every day easier and much more fun.

With Creating Relationships Spray, the Flower Essences work on emotions and the essential oils  work on the physical body.  Within 60 seconds of smelling an essential oil you will have a automatic hormone cascade in your body.  This has been medically proven.  Flower Essences work on the theory of resonance to bring our emotions back into balance, they are very subtle and delicate in their restorative benefits and they have no smell.  Creating Relationships Spray will help you create those joyous relationships in your life.  You can see more of my sprays and this one at my store.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of love.


What’s Really Important is Gratitude and Love!

Red AmarilisA dear friend asked me a very interesting question the other day.

She said, “What differences in your life have you noticed in the last ten years, from the age 65-75?”

Wow!  I had to stop and think a moment, then I found the answer, as well as an understanding about what I have been feeling lately.

“Nothing is that important.  Let it go!”

It took me until I was in my 40’s to realize I was responsible for creating the events that showed up in my life by what I focused my attention on, good or bad.  Life became much easier without all the drama I was creating with my fears.  Your decision may not be right for me, but a perfect opportunity for you, and there is no need for me to get upset over what I cannot control.

PoinsettaI have a favorite new phrase- “It’s Not My Movie.”  In other words, what someone is doing or not doing is none of my business.  It squanders my energy trying to help/convince someone I know what is right for them.  I can listen to them, empathize with them, but it is not my job to change them or their choices.  Most of the time they don’t want to hear it.

I try to live in gratitude every day for all the wonderful opportunities I have, and not judge other’s choices.  It’s their life, and their chance to create life.  Most important, I try to tell my friends and family how much I love and appreciate them.  There really is nothing else to do.

Red BegoniaI would like to show my gratitude this month to all my friends and clients.  I decided that for the month of December, all Flower Essence Energy retail sales will be reduced by 20%.  I will also donate $1.00 for every bottle purchased to Second Harvest Food Bank.  Please use the code, “Holiday20” when placing your order.

Thanks to all of you who are a part of my life.

I wish you a Blessed and Joyful Holiday and Abundance in 2015.

Maggie Smith

To Restore Harmony & Balance

What Are You Creating in Your Life?

This has been a very interesting year! I have had several opportunities to slow down and be present with the changes that are going on in my life as I age. All of my “moments” seem to have diminished now, but when I was in the thick of it I could not see beyond the end of my nose, my ego was in control.

Golden Poppies
Thank heavens I have friends who I can call and ask for assistance in seeing the bigger picture. They support me in observing what I am creating, helping me to see that I am replaying my long-ago childhood. My friends help remind me that  I need to focus on ‘what I am creating’ and what I am grateful for, instead of what I don’t have.

A wise teacher said to me 30 years ago, ‘Maggie, you have such a busy mind that when you get bored you create some kind of drama’. My “dramas” this year made me sick enough to stay in bed for a week to ten days at a time. I obviously needed to stop, be present and look at what I really wanted to create, not the crisis of the moment. Getting quiet and connecting with source helps me focus on the other parts of my life that have been extremely joyful and filled with kindness and love from many sources. My focus is on precious moments with family and friends, flower essences, art classes, learning French, listening to music, exercise, creating fun and making new friends along the way.

T~ Time to enjoy my beautiful home in the tree’s with my wonderful husband.

T~ Time to enjoy my beautiful home in the tree’s with my wonderful husband.

I am so grateful for my wonder filled life, there are always new adventures and gifts to be found if I take my victim glasses off. I was able to play with my dear husband at Lake Tahoe for a few days of summer sunshine fun and a celebration of 29 years together. My calendar is full of new experiences until the end of this year, including camping, a wedding and art class, a visit to San Diego. What a lucky lady I am to have the opportunity to create a joy filled life and that’s what I intend to keep focusing on.

Look for my new “Memory Care Kit” for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients and their families. Case studies have shown that massaging their hands twice daily calms and soothes patients state of mind.
To Restore Harmony & Balance

My New Plans


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The Universe has some new plans for me. We are in the “Year of the Horse” which is about accepting our inner power with no drama, trusting faithfully while staying in our hearts.

Colorado AspensMy journey started last year after my decision to let go of my connection to a chain of grocery stores that sold my products. I am working and traveling less with more time to focus on inner things. In October, I received an email that David Dalton, who has done over 20,000 flower essence and energy treatments in 18 years of practice would be lecturing locally about his work with Lyme disease. After attending his class, I came to the conclusion that like David, I could combine my flower essences with energy work. I graduated from the School of Energy Mastery in 1996, a three-year  training taught by a medical doctor.

 I felt that sometime in January or February would be a good starting date. I started thinking about finding an office when an associate offered to rent me her office space for one day a week, so I could start my practice. Things were definitely moving in the direction I wanted.

Silver sword I started the new year in bed for two weeks recovering from the flu, (an opportunity to slow down). I had lots of time to think and visualize what I wanted my practice to look like. While recovering I received a phone call from a client requesting an appointment with me. I have an office doing Flower Energy Attunements and my practice of is moving forward with little effort.

 The point is all I had to do was put my intention out there, with some Manifest Spray and let the Universe create it for me.

 If you would like to know more about my new work call or email me 831-335-7979. I am offering a sliding scale starting at $60 for 90 minute  sessions including a tincture.

 CameliaMy new “7” Soul Connection Spray, (for this is a 7 year) will help you find you inner power to stand in trust, quietly observing the process while coming into greater balance by being in the moment. Fear~Less is for those who worry about making the wrong decision, and are still letting all of those childhood fears run their lives.

 For Valentines Day I am offering my two new sprays, “7” Soul Connection and “Fear~Less” spray for $12 +tax shipping until March 15, 2014

Uncertainty vs. Creativity


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Mother Earth seems to be unable to decide whether it’s summer, fall, or winter; one day it’s cold with either rain or a blizzard, the next day it’s 80 degrees. The government systems seem to be a fragile house of cards lately. Routine days are turning into challenges for almost everyone I know. Change is in the air with the Lunar Eclipse on Friday!

colorado mountains

Time to go inside and get grounded in who you are so the challenges that are coming your way do not knock you off your life course. It feels like a tsunami is coming and we had better get to the higher ground.  Cultivating that higher ground through taking time for meditation, prayer or creativity, is like giving water to your dried up plants. If you are facing each day by creating a place of calm and knowingness you will not end up in the crash zone of your emotions. Living in fear does not allow you to make positive life decisions. We are habituated by our childhood programs (subconscious mind) therefore,  using our creative mind (conscious mind) to change the old patterns is the only way out of doubt, fear and uncertainty. Living in fear can destroy your body. What you create, dream, or visualize you can definitely manifest.
Colorado Aspens

My Manifest Spray helps you focus on your intention and allow it to come into reality. Until Thanksgiving it is on sale for $11 plus tax and shipping.

Where did summer go?


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Where did summer go?  The days are getting shorter and my days are full of tasks leaving me with not enough time.  It seems that every time I finish one item on my list one to two others magically appear.  Those lingering issues that I need to attend to hide in the back of my mind like the dust bunnies that accumulate under my bed.   They are always there, and I ignore them until some event illuminates it and I must clean house.


Last week my shining light came as I anticipated a guest who was coming to spend the night. We hired someone to help us deep clean the house, working all day; no more dust bunnies under the bed.  That motivated me to look at those other bunnies that I have ignored for 8 months and the pile of papers on my desk that was getting bigger.  I always think I will have more time when I complete this task or that task and surprise –something else appears in my life taking precedence over everything else. 


Are the tasks what keep me engaged?  Maybe it’s the way I write my movie so I won’t be bored.  I am busy, I am alive, I am creative, I am needed, I am valued.  What do we all want except to be valued, to be loved, to make someone happy, whether it is our parents, spouse, children, teacher, kitty or dog –we live for that moment of approval.     When will I remember to give myself that approval and the gift of just “being” not doing  all the tasks?


My cup of tea just gave me a message, the tag said: “Real happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes, but simply is”.  With those profound words it is time to head to the mountains where there will be no electronics just the opportunity to sit in the “is”. I think I will take some Tranquility Spray to help me get out of my head. 

 Autum leaves

To help you get in the “being” state,Tranquility, Serenity and Inner Calm are on sale this harvest month for $11 plus tax and shipping.



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Dalhia I have had the interesting opportunity to visit with three
different friends in the last week who have been noticing a replay of their parent’s experiences. One friend found herself screaming at her aging mother, not something she has ever done with the rest of her family, but a reminder of her constant childhood experience. Upon personal introspection, I realized I am like my grandmother who was the dominant influence in my
life (I slept at the foot of her bed until I was 9 years old).
I notice my personality is very much like my nana’s: I love to
travel (my husband says I have wheels on my britches), I tend to
be a bit opinionated and am usually focused on getting the job
done. My mother, on the other hand, had difficulty making any
kind of decision and was fearful most of her life. A friend, who
spent some time with my daughter recently, told me she was
amazed at how much she sounded like me and that she even had
similar mannerisms. Another friend commented how much his
oldest daughter’s behaves like her mother and his youngest
daughter’s personality is very much like his. Interestingly,
someone observed this week on how much my husband resembles his
father in speech patterns, tone of voice, mental processing of
information and attitudes.

Shy Blue OrchidIt’s those early childhood patterns that determine how we will behave for the rest of our lives. It amazes me how unconsciously I (we) keep replaying our parent’s movies. How can I enhance
the positive parts of my childhood dialogue in my life today
while leaving the negative ones on the cutting room floor?
Deepak Chopra says “become the observer”. Byron Katie calls it
“the work”. Wayne Dyer says “it’s intention”. I say it is all
of that and whatever you can do to be in your heart when you
speak your truth without anger, and realize that what is
happening is “no big deal” and possibly is not “your movie”.

Release Spray” is going on sale for $10 for the entire month
of July. This spray allows anyone who wants to release some old
no longer needed childhood patterns to rewrite their movie.
Email me at or call me 800-213-7484
and I will send you a bottle, postage is $2.50 + Tax in California

My Newest Opportunity


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HelliboreIt is always amazing to me the gifts from the Universe that come my way when I stop pursuing and simply allow my life to flow.  I am excited to tell you about my latest opportunity to share my passion for flowers.  With the wonderful experience of flowers imprinted in my brain as a child returns, I become as joy filled, and excited as my 5 year old self playing in my neighbor’s garden whenever I am connected to flowers.  Now a days its just flowers, whether in my garden, talking about them, making flower essences or blending aromatherapy that make me a happy girl.

Camelia My newest opportunity with flowers  is being selected by Hospice of Santa Cruz County to provide free  aromatherapy consultations for their patients.  I will drive to the patient’s home and help them select a Flower Essence Energy Spray and a Flower Essence Energy Oil and then demonstrate to their family member how they are used to provide comfort for the patient.  I will have an opportunity to share the restorative power of flowers in supporting people in stressful situations. A thank you to the Universe for this new beautiful window of opportunity in my life.  If you know of anyone who is connected to Hospice of Santa Cruz County that might benefit from this wonderful service please call me at 831-335-7979.  

You can find my Hospice Kits and more information concerning this program at my website:



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Spring Cleaning– I love to clear the garden of all the winter redwood “fall” and trim the bushes. I planted my veggie boxes on the deck (so the deer will not devour them) with lettuce, kale, dill and parsley. It’s much more fun and rewarding to me than cleaning the house or cleaning out the closets and just as effective for letting go of “stuff” to make room for some new discoveries.


Rhododendrons are blooming in my garden.


In a recent Chi Gong class, we did several exercises that were about cleaning out our old energy and bringing in new energy. Releasing our fears and worry, bringing down the heavens to fill our bodies with love and the expression of our true selves.

In the Chinese Year of the Water Snake it’s about shedding our old skins, patterns and beliefs as we move through
these challenging times. May 1st is the Celtic celebration of Beltane, the pagan spring fertility celebration. It’s time to move on, do some spring cleaning and create new patterns, intentions and habits.

“At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.”
Tich Nhat Hanh


Evolving to Galactic Beings: The journey after Winter Solstice 2012!
My friend and Astrologer Leigh Wunce is speaking on Monday May 6, 2013
7:30-9:00pm at the Center for World Networking, 940 41st Ave, Santa Cruz

Rhodie“What is your deepest aspiration and challenge for your spiritual emotional centering in 2013? We will explore the many major astrological happenings of the first 6 months of this year; applying these energies to our own unique soul blueprints. I will address how attuning to our highest frequency requires an understanding of how stress activates our physical form in this rapid acceleration of time and space. Bring your inquiries and your personal astrology chart, and we will engage to bring image to what is!”