Miss Molly loves her Flower Essences.

I often hear my neighbor’s dogs howling when they’re left alone for the day. My solution is to close the windows and turn up the music when I can’t stand it any longer.  The best option, in my opinion, would be to treat the dogs with Flower Essence Energy Pet Remedies to help calm their stress.

Dr. Edward Bach first discovered the use

of flowers in healing his patients during the 1930’s.  Dr Bach was a bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath, who lived and worked in London.  He believed that the dew found on flower petals retained the healing properties of that plant.  By first healing the feelings and emotions connected to the illness, Dr. Bach found the body could go on and heal itself.

Humans and animals both benefit from flower essences. Our pets have emotions just like us. They may feel jealous when a new baby arrives on the scene, stress when another pet is brought into the home, or depressed, when a beloved friend is suddenly gone from their lives.  The negative emotions they feel are similar to ours, when we’re “out of balance.”  Our pets can’t tell us how they are feeling.  However by paying attention to their actions, such as eating habits and behavior we can evaluate their emotional health.

Individual flower essences as well as flower essence blends are used to address a wide range of emotional issues in people as well as pets. Flower  Essence Energy blends are matched to the specific mental and emotional needs of your animal, whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit or horse. They are 100% natural, organic and never cause side effects.   Flower essences are safe for all animals in any condition, including pregnancy and those with medical ailments. Many holistic veterinarians successfully treat animals with flower essences.

Maybe your pet is not used to being left alone and wants it’s human around, like my neighbor’s dog.  Maybe you adopted a pet from a shelter and it is terrified of loud noises, or it gets the July 4th jitters.  Individual flower essence tinctures or flower essence blends added to your pet’s water dish over time will support the changes you want.  This is not a “magic bullet” cure. It is a slow and gentle form of healing, although I have seen pets get over their July 4th jitters within weeks of adding the daily dose of flower essence blend to their water.

Methods of Administering Flower Essences to a Pet

Every time you change the your pets water

  • Small water bowl:  Place 4 drops into water bowl
  • Large water bowl:  Place 10 drops into water bowl
  • Oral Application:  Place drops between the lip and gum
  • External Application:  Rub on paws or on the head above eyes

When I take my daughter’s dog Molly to the veterinarian, I first spray myself with flower essences to help me get calm and centered.   I am then able to tune into her needs and fears and sense which flower essence tincture will help her the most.  I also reassure her with a calm loving voice and gentle touches throughout the entire visit.

I hope this has given you some ideas for dealing with your pet during times of emotional stress.  I’d love to hear your comments and/or questions.  If you have a story to share about how your pet was helped through the use of Flower Essence Energy Pet Remedies, please share it with me.