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Teacher, teacher I declare, I see someone’s underwear.  Remember when
this charming little ditty was considered outrageous?  Those were easier times for us, and starting a new school year was perhaps less complicated and stressful than it is today.

Whether your child is going to preschool or grade school for the first time, entering junior high, high school, or college, it’s a time of change. The prospect of making friends, getting to know teachers, and learning new skills, is often overwhelming. For parents, shopping  for the right clothes, books,
binders, and backpacks, can also be stressful.

An Associated Press/MTV survey shows that among 13 to 17 year olds, the most commonly mentioned source of stress is school, and girls are more stressed than boys.

Practical Tips: Before you shop, make a list of what is needed and set a dollar limit for clothes and school supplies. If your children are old enough to participate, share the process of creating a budget and watch their confidence rise, as they make choices based on “their” budget, and experience you trusting their judgement.

Get Organized.
Hang your child’s calendar where he can keep track of assignments, test dates and events in an easily seen location. Discussion helps  save everyone
the headache of a Sunday night project deadline.

Flower essences can help ease some of the stress and anxiety associated with balancing school, homework, extra-curricular activities and rest. Using these products will make the back-to-school transition a little easier on all concerned.
Flower Essences work on fearful, stress filled emotions in wonderful subtle

  • Our Anxiety Relief flower essence blend is a perfect antidote to stress. It comes in both a spray and appliqué. The Anxiety Relief Applique` can be kept in a backpack or purse, and applied like perfume between classes.
  • Create a calm study environment.  We learn easier if our stress level is low. Tranquility Spray is a great study tool, it helps keep our mind focused and grounded. Spray Tranquility in and around the homework area.
  • Get Enough Sleep. If you want to do well in school (or work) you need to get enough sleep. People who are sleep-deprived have more trouble learning and
    remembering, and perform more poorly in many areas.  Our Sweet
    spray is a natural sleep aid. Spray Sweet Dreams on your pillow for a better nights sleep─naturally.
  • Breathe to relieve stress. If you are feeling tense or stressed, breathing slowly and deeply several times a day will help calm you when you feel tense, angry or worried.  Our Breathe Easy spray will relax the tension in the chest.
  • Practice Visualization.  You can help your children reduce stress and improve test performance by helping them imagine─achieving their goals. Take a few minutes each day to visualize, in detail, what you want to happen. Our Manifest spray is often helpful in this process of turning dreams into reality.

Two final tips for students and parents:

Find time to exercise. You will think more clearly if you exercise in some way, every hour or two while studying.

Determine your child’s learning style. Everyone is born with a dominant style of learning. We are either visual (reading), auditory (listening/talking) or kinesthetic (experiential.) Trying to learn information by reading is difficult for an auditory person like me. I need to hear or talk about the information. Visual learners will read the instruction book, and kinesthetic learners will take the bike apart.  Find out which style of learning works best for your child, and support that process. Your child will find school much easier.