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I was told as a child that my great grandmother Brigid, at age 88, could bend over and place her hands flat on the floor.  That’s pretty flexible for an old lady.  As I approach my very senior years, I strive to be as flexible as her in my body.  I also believe that creating and maintaining a flexible body has a lot to do with the flexibility of my mind.

A beautiful example of flexibility appears in the form of the Redwood trees in my yard.  The tops of the trees will sometimes bend 10 feet each way when the wind blows.  This flexibility has allowed them to remain standing, even in the face of the 40 to 50 mph winds we have had over the last ten years.  Like the Redwood trees, being flexible allows us to find a route around the obstacles in our path,  and helps to keep the energy and momentum flowing.  On a personal level, I find if I stay loose and flexible in my thought process, it is far easier to recognize a solution to a problem, when it appears, then it is to force a solution “into a box.”

I am very focused when I’m working.  However, if obstacles come up, I choose to view them as bends in the road instead of boulders, which hinder my progress. I practice flexibility  by recognizing that it’s never a “big deal” unless I make it a “big deal, ” it’s never upsetting unless “I” make it upsetting, annoying, yes. However, nothing to lose sleep over. Whether I fret, worry, get upset, talk about it or just let it be, it will still be there tomorrow —-or it won’t.

Keeping our mind and body flexible allows us to thrive in difficult times; like the Goddess, who is always pictured with her hands open and in front of her. In contrast, the Warrior is pictured as strength and power, moving forward. The goddess is allowing life to flow through her, and the warrior must fight to the end.

Challenge yourself to let go. Let go of doing things the same way you did ten years ago or even last month. Become more flexible and less stressed, because things do not fit “your” pictures. See yourself as flexible, like the redwood trees, bending and flowing in harmony with what is going on around you. Trust your inner knowing, that still small voice within, take a deep breath and let it flow!

Flower Essence Energy aromatherapy products that support flexbility: RELEASE, for moving past the obstacles in your path.   TRANQUILITY, for  grounding the physical body and flexibility.   BREATHE EASY, to facilitate a deep breathing and the will to start over.

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