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Is Self-Love Selfish?

  • Self-love: Taking time to care for our body—a luxurious bath or exercise.
  • Self-love:  When working hard, taking time to relax— a 10-minute nature walk.
  • Self-love:  Quiet time—meditate, pray, connect with Spirit; our God Self.

When we don’t love ourselves, we’re telling the Universe (and everyone else,) that we believe we’re unworthy or undeserving of positive experiences such as joy, love, happiness, or abundance.

Our ability to offer unconditional love begins with self- love.  Self-love includes forgiveness and the release of judgement, against our self and others.    When our self-Love well is dry we’re unable to offer sustained love and support to others; acts turn into sacrifice, which becomes a burden.

Steps to Self-Love

  • Stopping the critical voice inside our head.
  • Forgiving ourselves and trusting our own good judgment.
  • Being grateful for all the wonderful things in our life.
  • Focusing on creating our dreams.
  • Finding balance in our life.

Some folks think we need to love others first. That can’t happen until we love ourselves.

Demonstrating Love

  • Listening to a friend’s problem, without the need to judge it or fix it!
  • Showing you care, by being 100% there!
  • Conveying your love through a thoughtful gesture, sincerely given from the heart!
  • Offering unconditional love, with no expectations!
  • Being 100% present in the moment!
  • Forgiving ourselves and others─instantly!
  • Allowing others, the freedom to be who they are!

For most of my life, I was my most severe critic.  I used unkind phrases about myself, that I wouldn’t consider saying to a friend.  A few years ago I realized I needed some support to change, so I created a flower essence spray to support myself in giving and receiving love.  Appropriately, I chose the name LOVE.  My Flower Essence Energy spray contains Bulgarian Rose oil, which helps to open the heart.

I can honestly attest to the fact that self-love is not selfish!  With self-love, I find it easier to forgive myself and to love others unconditionally.