“Now that we are fully into the “Dragon  Energy” of 2012  these  comments from my Chi Gong teacher Lee Holden  resonated with my  heart.  Being fully who I am and not going into my old patterns, as the opportunities arise daily is a lesson in watchfulness and evaluation.   Working in San Diego this week I found myself in a tizzy response, and called a dear friend for a “reality check” so I could get some clarity on the situation I found myself in.  Viewed without my emotions from her eyes I was able to see the scenario I was playing out and make new choices for my response.  Finding friends who will give us honest clear feedback, and not just agree with us are invaluable during these changing times. The idealistic response is not working nor is second guessing or game playing,  and the only true retrospection is with someone else’s unemotional eyes.


Thank you to all my friends who take the time to provide that clear, unemotional, “say it like it is” space for me.

From Lee Holden.com


Yang = it has vigor, vitality, it moves with energy and flows through change.

Water = it is sensitive and in touch with emotion and true feeling.

Dragon = is related to inner power and potential, giving birth to what inspires us.

General Character: Time for BIG change! The energy of the Dragon is huge and it will move forward with a force that may seem a bit overwhelming. Grab your trusty board and get ready to surf. In other words, fully surrender to your true character and nature and move forward unabashedly. Don’t try to be more than you actually are; and certainly nothing less.

Idealism, second guessing, blame, and retrospection are of no avail this year. The key is to bring forward our true humanity and make alliances with real people. The systems of corrupt politics and hypocritical religions will continue to crumble on their own. That era is ending, and there will be some social chaos as a result. Cataclysmic change shakes the ground!