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The Spring Equinox is the time of year when day and night (masculine/feminine ~ yin/yang) are in complete balance. Winter is leaving and the arrival of Spring flowers is upon us.  In pre-Christian Europe, the Anglo-Saxon people had a mythological  fertility goddess of spring, “Easter”, whose festival was celebrated on the Equinox. The goddess Easter was associated with the fertility symbols of rabbits and flowers. This is the time to let go of winter gloom for the very welcome flowers of spring.

A few spring flowers from my forest garden.

As you plant your flowers this spring, think about choosing seeds and plants which represent the things you want to grow in your personal life such as love, kindness, gratitude, patience, wisdom, and joy. Visualize those qualities you want coming into full bloom in your heart. Whether you have room for a pot on your porch or a full garden in your yard, take a bit of time, and buy a packet of seeds, or maybe a couple of bulbs or plants.  As you plant your garden, connect with your heart — plant your new personal life. Use them as a reminder, every time you water your plants think about the new joys you are growing in your life.