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My husband and I had busy April, so we took a break and drove 2 hours from our house and went camping next to a lake for 2 days.  Forty eight hours of trees, birds, turtles and flowers.  We took our Kayak so we could enjoy the early morning quiet on the water.  We passed the fishermen and paddled on to the shallow waters and the critter section, and were handsomely rewarded as you can see by my pictures.

On my way back from a hike, I realized that this intimacy with nature gives me an opportunity to stop my busy mind, no phones, no emails, no deadlines.  Just nature–it replenishes the soul and reminds me to be grateful for the world that surrounds me.  So next time the world gets too busy for you, turn off the electronics, go out into nature, for an hour, or for the day, and it will refresh and rejuvenate your mind and your spirit.  If you absolutely cannot get away for an hour and need a quick refreshing, try the Renewal Spray or Serenity Spray, take a few deep breaths and quietly reflect on
the trees outside your window.