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When I walked out onto my deck in the forest this morning and was surrounded by all the lush greens and  blooming flowers and warm sunshine, I was taken back to a visit to Perth, Australia when I was submerged into a “ Earth Sauna Healing Pit”  filled with flowers.  It was a positive life changing event for me, and one of those memories that stays fresh in my mind and senses, recalled often when I am surrounded by flowers and warm sunshine.

For thousands of years the aboriginal healers of Australia have created Earth Sauna Healing for their tribal members by immersing a person into a pit in the earth surrounded by native wild flowers. The men would go into the bush and dig a healing pit and start a fire inside, when the fires had burned down, they covered the coals with a thick layer of soil.  They would then fill the pit with the flowers specific to the illness or issue the person was dealing with, add water and then gently submerge the person into the earth.  I gather that in the olden times you might stay in the pit for 2 or 3 days with  attendant healers chanting, praying and playing the didgeridoo.   Flower Essence energy healers Vasudeva and Kadambii  Barnao, founders of Living Essences of Australia, carry on this tradition every September with a Aboriginal shaman who facilitates the healing process.

I have created a new website www.YourFlaura.com  so you can be surrounded by the Australian Living Essence flowers, and select the ones that speak to your soul to facilitate your healing. You can also view pictures (yes that is  me in the Flower Healing Pit) and the full story of my Earth Sauna Healing experience at YourFlaura.com website.
As an introductory offer I will give a $10 discount to the first 10 people who select their personal flowers.  You will receive email information about the flowers you select, and a a Tincture or Spray formulated just for you within a week.