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The 4th of July is just around the corner, which means it is time to think about your anxious pet and the fireworks that create havoc for them. Flower Essences can help them stay calm and cool during the next few weeks of loud unexpected noises.

4th of July Fireworks can terrify your beloved pet.

Most pet lovers have little to no understanding of the beneficial effects of Flower
Essences on their pets. They are subtle, chemical free, compounds that work
vibrationally to calm and soothe those fears of powerful sudden noises.

Flower Essences are not the same as Essential Oils:
Essences focus on the vibrational energy of the plant, not the oil that can be distilled from it.
Essences are extracted from trees or plants but do not have an aroma like essential oils. Essences are based in water, alcohol or glycerine, whereas most essential oils are added to a carrier oil. Flower Essences are used by placing several drops in water or in the mouth. Flower Essences can be used with no contraindications to any other medicine you pet may be taking.

Animal Calm helps my neighbors dog stay calm during the fireworks display.

“Animal Calm” is my most popular product at this time of year, with several testimonials on my web site about their beneficial effects for their beloved pets. Start now putting 4 to 6 drops in your pets water dish, and July 4th will seem like just another day in your pets life rather than Doomsday.




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Maggie Smith