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Last year I purchased this tall water bottle, it has the word “Gratitude”  etched on the side. Every time I pick up the bottle to fill my water-glass, hot water pot, or cook,  I am reminded of  all the things in my life I am grateful for. My lovely food, the beautiful redwood trees outside my window, my health, that phone call from my grandson, the visit with my family.

Like everyone else I often get stuck complaining about the craziness of my life—and I love to share ‘my story’ with my friends.  Those of you who know me will agree that I often have strong opinions about how things should be done. Gratitude helps me remember that its only my opinion “not my movie” and be grateful for the life I have. Every glass of water or cup of tea I drink is filled with gratitude water, and I find my life overflowing with an abundance of love, caring, good friends, wonderful food, fun times and gratitude.

So take a glass bottle or jar, a magic marker and write the word “Gratitude” on you bottle and notice the difference in your life, fill your cup every day with gratitude. I would love to hear your experience.