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What wonderful gifts life brings at unexpected moments.  It’s 11:00AM and I am sitting at my computer, in front of my living room window which looks out into the forest.  All of a sudden two large deer with big racks are chasing two doe’s around my flower garden, down the driveway, back up into the trees and finally across the road into someone else’s yard. It happened too quickly to find the camera, so it was an experience of pure joy watching their mating game, what a unexpected gift.

Sometimes the unexpected can throw us into upset and change. I found, “its how you look at it”, that makes the difference.  Last week I had a unexpected down turn in my business when my client was told by a department manager, that my products would no longer be carried in their chain stores in Southern California. Of course I wanted to fix it, but after a day or two of using Release and Trust Sprays,  “let them go” was the message in my meditations.  I started writing my goodbye letter to the managers, and unexpectedly this week, three people opened up new opportunities to sell my products.  You  never know what wonders can happen if you listen, and let the Universe fix it.

Release” and “Trust” Sprays helped keep me in that space of unexpected opportunity ~~~ instead of mourning my unexpected loss.