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Here comes Halloween and the fearful or timid child who is afraid of the dark will be having some scary times.  The most helpful thing you can do is to sit down and talk with your child, taking time to reassure them that you understand. It is very helpful to restate their fears “I see that you are really scared”, making sure they know you are there to keep them safe.  You might look under the bed, check the closet with your child so they can see their clothes and shoes, or add a night light in the bathroom. Be sure that their comfort items, such as stuffed toys are with them.  Most important never ridicule your child’s fears as it will not help the situation.  Bed time should not include TV or scary books for children afraid of the dark.

According to Victoria  Behrends from, sensoryprocessingbugs.com  “You will want to keep children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) away from the loud noises and scary costume sections that are promoted in the store.  Over stimulation is too much assault on SPD kids senses. Halloween’s activities often bring up fears related to trauma for these children.”

Parents, please remember that if your life is stressed with work, family issues, sickness or death, your child’s life will be stressed and the fear of the dark may become the focus of all their fears.

It has been shown that the same routine every night is extremely helpful. Start turning the house lights down at dark, since our body naturally makes Melatonin which helps us sleep when the sun goes down.  A small glass of milk, half a banana, a warm bath 30-45 minutes before bed, a story or soft music will set the tone for restful sleep.  You can spray “Sweet Dreams or Serenity” on the pillow or around your child.  The flower essences in Sweet Dreams calms the busy mind, in Serenity they bring peacefulness, and the essential oils help our body relax.  Tranquility spray is for grounding a hyper child, the essential oils are Rosewood and Cedarwood.

You can find more Sprays to help with SPD at FlowerEssenceEnergy.com