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We often live our lives out of the patterns of our childhood.  My childhood Holidays in the 1940‘s were packed with big dinners with family, friends and sometimes GI’s from the USO. I remember them sitting around our dining room table filling the room with stories, laughter, and gratitude.  There was an abundance of baking cookies and breads to give to neighbors, guest, the postman and the milkman, not lots of store-bought gifts.  As my children grew up we baked cookies for days on end, and had big Christmas dinners with all the family and friends playing games.

Redwood trees #2Those patterns have changed and learning to go with the flow is proving to be a challenge. Without family around, my criteria of former Holiday fun seemed to be coming up empty, so I decided to create a new Holiday model with my wonderful husband, Brad.  We have a hotel room in San Francisco, and tickets to see Lion King. It cost about the same as all the fixings for dinner and all the unwanted gifts we gave. We will visit with friends, go window shopping at Needless Markup (formerly know as Neiman Marcus) and a stroll through museums.

Change is not always easy, especially as I get older.  Letting go of control and being in the present moment is the goal–yet it’s hard not to compare this Holiday to the past.  I am finding that the key for me is focusing on Gratitude for my abundance of friends and fun, staying focused on the task at hand, and finding Peace and Joy with my busy life at this moment.

DalhiaIn this present moment I wish for you all the Peace, Joy and Love your heart can contain, and Gratitude for the simple pleasures life will bring you this Holiday Season.