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Health ~ because without it, nothing else seems to work well.

Love ~ surrounding every aspect of your life. Giving unconditional love and receiving the same is the food for the soul.

Joy ~ in every aspect of your relationships, for laughter keeps you connected to your loved one’s, your heart light and the bumpy road smooth.

Success ~ in all of your endeavors, acknowledging even the smallest success. You showed up, you did our best, you are a winner.

Friends ~ for they are the energy that supports you when all else fails.

Peace ~ in the center of your being, remembering that no matter what is happening around you, that you are in God’s hands and this to shall pass.

May 2013 be filled with random acts of kindness and charity. May you find joy in your home and work. May you find peaceful moments every day. May you find time to smell the flowers.


Maggie Smith