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Giving HandsI find that after 50+ years of making intentions and goals if I spend more time in the present moment, quit worrying about all of the “why’s and what if’s’” my life seems to flow a little easier towards the goals I have.  Instead of concentrating on yoga and chi gong 3 times a week, I am focusing on how I can make what I am doing right now into more movement of my body, and yes I go to class as often as possible.  I am becoming very aware of how many cups of water and herbal tea I drink daily, and how much sugar I consume, ugh!

DSC00051_2 It is interesting to be more aware of my body, and acknowledge that I am creating my life out of my belief system. Check out Bruce Lipton on YouTube or get his book “The Biology of Belief”, to find out how your cells respond to your thoughts.

My intention  is to live in the present moment, (quit telling old stories), be responsible for my belief about what is going to happen, choose to stay out of other peoples movies, quit asking “why”, and  love “what and who” shows up in my life, for they are my opportunity. I use Release and Inspiration Spray to keep me open and allowing!

Donkey OrchidSpeaking of opportunities, come and play with me.

San Diego on January 28 at 6:30 PM and
January 30 at 4:00 PM at Mission Hospice,
2375 Northside Dr #320, San Diego, 92108, across from Costco.

On February 5, 7:30PM  in Santa Cruz at the “Chi Center
21511 East Cliff, Santa Cruz CA
It will be talking about how  Aromatherapy and Flower Essences
will allow more love into  your life.

Wednesdays ( if I am in Santa Cruz) from 2-4PM
Way of Life, 1220 41st Avenue  Capitola, CA
making your personal  Flower formulas and doing readings

Pixie MopsFirst Thursday of every month  from 1-4PM
Universal Connection Store, 1261 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, 95125
making your personal  Flower formulas and doing readings

May your year be filled with Blessings,  Maggie