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Dalhia I have had the interesting opportunity to visit with three
different friends in the last week who have been noticing a replay of their parent’s experiences. One friend found herself screaming at her aging mother, not something she has ever done with the rest of her family, but a reminder of her constant childhood experience. Upon personal introspection, I realized I am like my grandmother who was the dominant influence in my
life (I slept at the foot of her bed until I was 9 years old).
I notice my personality is very much like my nana’s: I love to
travel (my husband says I have wheels on my britches), I tend to
be a bit opinionated and am usually focused on getting the job
done. My mother, on the other hand, had difficulty making any
kind of decision and was fearful most of her life. A friend, who
spent some time with my daughter recently, told me she was
amazed at how much she sounded like me and that she even had
similar mannerisms. Another friend commented how much his
oldest daughter’s behaves like her mother and his youngest
daughter’s personality is very much like his. Interestingly,
someone observed this week on how much my husband resembles his
father in speech patterns, tone of voice, mental processing of
information and attitudes.

Shy Blue OrchidIt’s those early childhood patterns that determine how we will behave for the rest of our lives. It amazes me how unconsciously I (we) keep replaying our parent’s movies. How can I enhance
the positive parts of my childhood dialogue in my life today
while leaving the negative ones on the cutting room floor?
Deepak Chopra says “become the observer”. Byron Katie calls it
“the work”. Wayne Dyer says “it’s intention”. I say it is all
of that and whatever you can do to be in your heart when you
speak your truth without anger, and realize that what is
happening is “no big deal” and possibly is not “your movie”.

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