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Where did summer go?  The days are getting shorter and my days are full of tasks leaving me with not enough time.  It seems that every time I finish one item on my list one to two others magically appear.  Those lingering issues that I need to attend to hide in the back of my mind like the dust bunnies that accumulate under my bed.   They are always there, and I ignore them until some event illuminates it and I must clean house.


Last week my shining light came as I anticipated a guest who was coming to spend the night. We hired someone to help us deep clean the house, working all day; no more dust bunnies under the bed.  That motivated me to look at those other bunnies that I have ignored for 8 months and the pile of papers on my desk that was getting bigger.  I always think I will have more time when I complete this task or that task and surprise –something else appears in my life taking precedence over everything else. 


Are the tasks what keep me engaged?  Maybe it’s the way I write my movie so I won’t be bored.  I am busy, I am alive, I am creative, I am needed, I am valued.  What do we all want except to be valued, to be loved, to make someone happy, whether it is our parents, spouse, children, teacher, kitty or dog –we live for that moment of approval.     When will I remember to give myself that approval and the gift of just “being” not doing  all the tasks?


My cup of tea just gave me a message, the tag said: “Real happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes, but simply is”.  With those profound words it is time to head to the mountains where there will be no electronics just the opportunity to sit in the “is”. I think I will take some Tranquility Spray to help me get out of my head. 

 Autum leaves

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