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Mother Earth seems to be unable to decide whether it’s summer, fall, or winter; one day it’s cold with either rain or a blizzard, the next day it’s 80 degrees. The government systems seem to be a fragile house of cards lately. Routine days are turning into challenges for almost everyone I know. Change is in the air with the Lunar Eclipse on Friday!

colorado mountains

Time to go inside and get grounded in who you are so the challenges that are coming your way do not knock you off your life course. It feels like a tsunami is coming and we had better get to the higher ground.  Cultivating that higher ground through taking time for meditation, prayer or creativity, is like giving water to your dried up plants. If you are facing each day by creating a place of calm and knowingness you will not end up in the crash zone of your emotions. Living in fear does not allow you to make positive life decisions. We are habituated by our childhood programs (subconscious mind) therefore,  using our creative mind (conscious mind) to change the old patterns is the only way out of doubt, fear and uncertainty. Living in fear can destroy your body. What you create, dream, or visualize you can definitely manifest.
Colorado Aspens

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