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The Universe has some new plans for me. We are in the “Year of the Horse” which is about accepting our inner power with no drama, trusting faithfully while staying in our hearts.

Colorado AspensMy journey started last year after my decision to let go of my connection to a chain of grocery stores that sold my products. I am working and traveling less with more time to focus on inner things. In October, I received an email that David Dalton, who has done over 20,000 flower essence and energy treatments in 18 years of practice would be lecturing locally about his work with Lyme disease. After attending his class, I came to the conclusion that like David, I could combine my flower essences with energy work. I graduated from the School of Energy Mastery in 1996, a three-year  training taught by a medical doctor.

 I felt that sometime in January or February would be a good starting date. I started thinking about finding an office when an associate offered to rent me her office space for one day a week, so I could start my practice. Things were definitely moving in the direction I wanted.

Silver sword I started the new year in bed for two weeks recovering from the flu, (an opportunity to slow down). I had lots of time to think and visualize what I wanted my practice to look like. While recovering I received a phone call from a client requesting an appointment with me. I have an office doing Flower Energy Attunements and my practice of is moving forward with little effort.

 The point is all I had to do was put my intention out there, with some Manifest Spray and let the Universe create it for me.

 If you would like to know more about my new work call or email me 831-335-7979. I am offering a sliding scale starting at $60 for 90 minute  sessions including a tincture.

 CameliaMy new “7” Soul Connection Spray, (for this is a 7 year) will help you find you inner power to stand in trust, quietly observing the process while coming into greater balance by being in the moment. Fear~Less is for those who worry about making the wrong decision, and are still letting all of those childhood fears run their lives.

 For Valentines Day I am offering my two new sprays, “7” Soul Connection and “Fear~Less” spray for $12 +tax shipping until March 15, 2014