ROSEAs Valentine’s day approaches this weekend, I wanted to share with you more about my Creating Relationships spray.

Relationships which are based on both partners communication in a loving manner, and sharing the daily responsibilities of life, have the most harmony and fun.  The “please” and “thank you” aspects of communication are vastly more important for our partners, whom we often take for granted.  On the stage of life, we are not always the big star, sometimes we are the supporting actors, or the observer applauding their achievements.  These roles change daily.

Think about what a balanced and harmonious relationship would look like for you.  What do you want to create in your life?  Make a list of three things you are grateful for in your life or your relationship, then find a way to express those three things every day in some way to other people you meet.

Creating the joyful relationships you want with partners, associates, children, or strangers will make every day easier and much more fun.

With Creating Relationships Spray, the Flower Essences work on emotions and the essential oils  work on the physical body.  Within 60 seconds of smelling an essential oil you will have a automatic hormone cascade in your body.  This has been medically proven.  Flower Essences work on the theory of resonance to bring our emotions back into balance, they are very subtle and delicate in their restorative benefits and they have no smell.  Creating Relationships Spray will help you create those joyous relationships in your life.  You can see more of my sprays and this one at my store.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of love.