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Copyright 2013 Maggie Smith

Copyright 2013 Maggie Smith

In Northern California, the blossoms are bursting forth on every type of tree. In my yard, I have sugar plum trees, apple trees, a pear tree, and a Meyer lemon that lives in a barrel on my deck (so the deer can’t get to it). Wisteria is draping its beautiful blossoms around fences and daffodils are everywhere. California poppies and lupine bloom beside roadways and the allergy producing yellow blossoms of the acacia trees are in abundance. It’s spring, and even though we are having a drought, mother nature still expresses her love for us with her splendid gown of green, gold, white, purple, pink, and blue colors.

Copyright 2014 Maggie Smith

Copyright 2014 Maggie Smith

California farmers have a new opportunity to figure out what to plant that will sustain them during the coming dry months. I took a tour of “Route 1 Farm” last week. The owner who has farmed in the area for 20 years had some serious considerations about what he would plant when the wet spring ground becomes parched. Due to past drought conditions, it is likely dry farm tomatoes, beets, and root vegetables will be more abundant this summer growing season rather than the thirsty greens.

We now have a brand new opportunity, to look at a natural resource, which will soon become as precious as gold——water. It has been so abundant and easy to access that we have taken it for granted; now we are being given the opportunity to change our patterns and usage of this priceless and life sustaining gift.

What changes are in store for your life this spring? What new roads will you travel? What new opportunities will come your way? Is it time to reconsider your patterns and make a shift to another lifestyle? The patterns that we learned from birth to age seven drive our lives today. Are those patterns still working for you? If not, perhaps it’s time to plant new seeds and change those patterns.

To support your journey, I’ve created Courage, a new Flower Essence Energy spray. During April, I’m offering Courage or Release spray to help you make those changes. The April special Buy TWO Get ONE free,* is valid until April 26th. *Tax and shipping not included in the offer.

Happy Spring