An advanced energy healer, Maggie is a graduate and teacher for the School of Energy Mastery. Her journey with flower essences began in 1993 with the Flower Essence Society of California. She is currently  in the United States teaching representative for the “Living Essences of Australia”. Over the years Maggie has expanded her awareness of the vitality of flower essence therapy and her knowledge and skills through aromatherapy training. Her Aromatic Hydrosols and Flower Essence Energy Sprays are used in exclusive spas in California and throughout the United States. Maggie has a private practice in Santa Cruz, where she shares this effective life-affirming gift.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Thank you for a beautiful visual of Gratitude and beauty. You are the magic Maggie and I so look forward to your posts. Thanks you my friend and blooming woman of courage, love, faith, fun and flexibility! Continue to be filled with the THANKS of Giving . . . .. . . bundle up, see you and Brad in February or March? Hugs and with burning candles and the aroma of what you love . . . .

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