Spring & Gratitude


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HelliboreWarm sunshine, the smell of the daphne, hellebores, narcissus, hyacinth along with the yellow blooms of daffodils, white and purple hellebores, pink camellias and the tulip and sugar plum trees are all filling my yard with “spring”. All the sprouting seeds and flowers are again signaling new beginnings. This season of the Spring Equinox, which has been celebrated around the world for thousands of years, brings gratitude and hope to me in a very visceral way. Maybe, just maybe, I was one of those maidens dancing around the maypole in medieval times.

Calif poppies Gratitude has opened so many doors for me this past year. The more grateful I am the more abundance of good things show up in my life. I can’t tell you the exact formula, but I can assure you–gratitude works, it multiplies like rabbits in the spring. New friends, new clients, new opportunities to share about Flower Essences and Aromatherapy, along with doors that were once closed are now opening. I am so very very grateful to have all of the wonderful connections with every one of you— you all expand my joy.

A bit of expansion is also happening in the Spray department. I have created a spray to help curb those food cravings, using flower essences and the essential oils of Lemon and Basil. I am trying to select a new name and would love to have you help me create the perfect name for this new spray.

Please help me out and vote for # 1, 2 or 3.
1. Reduce Cravings
2. Curb your Cravings
3. Calm your Cravings
Your recommendation________________________

Tulip TreeMaking sure the name fits is one of the trickiest parts of creating a new spray–Thanks for your help.

Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Rebirth of Flowers and Fauna at the Spring Equinox on March 20.


Want a Little Love in your Life?


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Of course we all want to be loved.

We make up stories about how we are not feeling loved, often the other persons efforts mean nothing unless their love “fits our pictures”. We want to have “that special person” tell us, or show us. We keep telling our story getting upset and pushing other people away because it does not look like our “fantasy love story”.

I have a story about not being loved by a family member, that I have been telling for the last few months. It is time for me to get over it and start feeling all of the love that is around me. I have been spraying “Release” to let go of my upset, now it is time to start spraying “Love” to open my heart and receive more love into my life.

I also get to start loving my family member unconditionally. I forgot that they are God’s perfect child, choosing their life, and it’s none of my business. I have no right to judge them as wrong because their actions do not fit my pictures. I feel as if I have been dragging a suitcase around that is filled with all of my stories and it’s getting very heavy. Time to let it go and start using “Creating Relationship” to develop my new Love story.   It’s up to me to change my story, let go of my reasons and forgive myself and them.
rose (2)
So Spray a little “Love” in your life and let me know how it works for you.

You can buy a bottle of Love or Creating Relationship until February 28 for $12 plus postage–just call me a 800-213-7484 or email me at magsflowers@ earthlink.net

Happy Valentines Day.


New Year Resolutions and the Present Moment


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Giving HandsI find that after 50+ years of making intentions and goals if I spend more time in the present moment, quit worrying about all of the “why’s and what if’s’” my life seems to flow a little easier towards the goals I have.  Instead of concentrating on yoga and chi gong 3 times a week, I am focusing on how I can make what I am doing right now into more movement of my body, and yes I go to class as often as possible.  I am becoming very aware of how many cups of water and herbal tea I drink daily, and how much sugar I consume, ugh!

DSC00051_2 It is interesting to be more aware of my body, and acknowledge that I am creating my life out of my belief system. Check out Bruce Lipton on YouTube or get his book “The Biology of Belief”, to find out how your cells respond to your thoughts.

My intention  is to live in the present moment, (quit telling old stories), be responsible for my belief about what is going to happen, choose to stay out of other peoples movies, quit asking “why”, and  love “what and who” shows up in my life, for they are my opportunity. I use Release and Inspiration Spray to keep me open and allowing!

Donkey OrchidSpeaking of opportunities, come and play with me.

San Diego on January 28 at 6:30 PM and
January 30 at 4:00 PM at Mission Hospice,
2375 Northside Dr #320, San Diego, 92108, across from Costco.

On February 5, 7:30PM  in Santa Cruz at the “Chi Center
21511 East Cliff, Santa Cruz CA
It will be talking about how  Aromatherapy and Flower Essences
will allow more love into  your life.

Wednesdays ( if I am in Santa Cruz) from 2-4PM
Way of Life, 1220 41st Avenue  Capitola, CA
making your personal  Flower formulas and doing readings

Pixie MopsFirst Thursday of every month  from 1-4PM
Universal Connection Store, 1261 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, 95125
making your personal  Flower formulas and doing readings

May your year be filled with Blessings,  Maggie

For This New Year I Wish for You


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Health ~ because without it, nothing else seems to work well.

Love ~ surrounding every aspect of your life. Giving unconditional love and receiving the same is the food for the soul.

Joy ~ in every aspect of your relationships, for laughter keeps you connected to your loved one’s, your heart light and the bumpy road smooth.

Success ~ in all of your endeavors, acknowledging even the smallest success. You showed up, you did our best, you are a winner.

Friends ~ for they are the energy that supports you when all else fails.

Peace ~ in the center of your being, remembering that no matter what is happening around you, that you are in God’s hands and this to shall pass.

May 2013 be filled with random acts of kindness and charity. May you find joy in your home and work. May you find peaceful moments every day. May you find time to smell the flowers.


Maggie Smith

Recycling the Holidays


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We often live our lives out of the patterns of our childhood.  My childhood Holidays in the 1940‘s were packed with big dinners with family, friends and sometimes GI’s from the USO. I remember them sitting around our dining room table filling the room with stories, laughter, and gratitude.  There was an abundance of baking cookies and breads to give to neighbors, guest, the postman and the milkman, not lots of store-bought gifts.  As my children grew up we baked cookies for days on end, and had big Christmas dinners with all the family and friends playing games.

Redwood trees #2Those patterns have changed and learning to go with the flow is proving to be a challenge. Without family around, my criteria of former Holiday fun seemed to be coming up empty, so I decided to create a new Holiday model with my wonderful husband, Brad.  We have a hotel room in San Francisco, and tickets to see Lion King. It cost about the same as all the fixings for dinner and all the unwanted gifts we gave. We will visit with friends, go window shopping at Needless Markup (formerly know as Neiman Marcus) and a stroll through museums.

Change is not always easy, especially as I get older.  Letting go of control and being in the present moment is the goal–yet it’s hard not to compare this Holiday to the past.  I am finding that the key for me is focusing on Gratitude for my abundance of friends and fun, staying focused on the task at hand, and finding Peace and Joy with my busy life at this moment.

DalhiaIn this present moment I wish for you all the Peace, Joy and Love your heart can contain, and Gratitude for the simple pleasures life will bring you this Holiday Season.


Wishing You Joy and Gratitude on Thanksgiving


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Autumn is the time of harvest after the long spring and summer of creation and cultivation.  It’s a time of reflection and appreciation of our endeavors giving us the opportunity to acknowledge the beauty and love that surrounds our lives.  I would like to express my gratitude to every one of you who share my love of flowers and support me in my intention of making flower essences available to everyone.  My wish is that your Thanksgiving will be filled with as much joy and gratitude as your heart can hold.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Are we there yet?


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This time of year we Americans join our family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a time to count our blessings,acknowledge with gratitude our friends and family, and all of the opportunities for love and growth our families afford us.  It often means a long car trip with small children who fidget, squirm and fuss and sometimes get carsick, which can necessitate frequent stops and a longer trip.

Some helpful hints for car sickness, especially helpful for the SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) child is to place one or two drops of either peppermint oil, spearmint oil or lavender oil on a tissue. Letting your child occasionally inhale this will help with nausea associated with winding roads.  You can also make a brew using two or three slices of  fresh ginger placed in boiling water for 2 minutes, then dilute to taste.  It will help calm the nausea as they “sip it” along the way.

Flower Essences can also help calm the emotions, when combined with  Essential Oils which can soothe the body. Try  Serenity Spray, Tranquility or Anxiety Relief (also for mom and dad) to make that visit to Grandma’s house more fun.

Thank you all for being in my life, I appreciate all of your emails and response to my blogs.

Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving filled with Gratitude and Joy.

Maggie Smith

Children’s Halloween Scares can be Nightmares for SPD Children


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Here comes Halloween and the fearful or timid child who is afraid of the dark will be having some scary times.  The most helpful thing you can do is to sit down and talk with your child, taking time to reassure them that you understand. It is very helpful to restate their fears “I see that you are really scared”, making sure they know you are there to keep them safe.  You might look under the bed, check the closet with your child so they can see their clothes and shoes, or add a night light in the bathroom. Be sure that their comfort items, such as stuffed toys are with them.  Most important never ridicule your child’s fears as it will not help the situation.  Bed time should not include TV or scary books for children afraid of the dark.

According to Victoria  Behrends from, sensoryprocessingbugs.com  “You will want to keep children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) away from the loud noises and scary costume sections that are promoted in the store.  Over stimulation is too much assault on SPD kids senses. Halloween’s activities often bring up fears related to trauma for these children.”

Parents, please remember that if your life is stressed with work, family issues, sickness or death, your child’s life will be stressed and the fear of the dark may become the focus of all their fears.

It has been shown that the same routine every night is extremely helpful. Start turning the house lights down at dark, since our body naturally makes Melatonin which helps us sleep when the sun goes down.  A small glass of milk, half a banana, a warm bath 30-45 minutes before bed, a story or soft music will set the tone for restful sleep.  You can spray “Sweet Dreams or Serenity” on the pillow or around your child.  The flower essences in Sweet Dreams calms the busy mind, in Serenity they bring peacefulness, and the essential oils help our body relax.  Tranquility spray is for grounding a hyper child, the essential oils are Rosewood and Cedarwood.

You can find more Sprays to help with SPD at FlowerEssenceEnergy.com

Unexpected Gifts


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What wonderful gifts life brings at unexpected moments.  It’s 11:00AM and I am sitting at my computer, in front of my living room window which looks out into the forest.  All of a sudden two large deer with big racks are chasing two doe’s around my flower garden, down the driveway, back up into the trees and finally across the road into someone else’s yard. It happened too quickly to find the camera, so it was an experience of pure joy watching their mating game, what a unexpected gift.

Sometimes the unexpected can throw us into upset and change. I found, “its how you look at it”, that makes the difference.  Last week I had a unexpected down turn in my business when my client was told by a department manager, that my products would no longer be carried in their chain stores in Southern California. Of course I wanted to fix it, but after a day or two of using Release and Trust Sprays,  “let them go” was the message in my meditations.  I started writing my goodbye letter to the managers, and unexpectedly this week, three people opened up new opportunities to sell my products.  You  never know what wonders can happen if you listen, and let the Universe fix it.

Release” and “Trust” Sprays helped keep me in that space of unexpected opportunity ~~~ instead of mourning my unexpected loss.



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Last year I purchased this tall water bottle, it has the word “Gratitude”  etched on the side. Every time I pick up the bottle to fill my water-glass, hot water pot, or cook,  I am reminded of  all the things in my life I am grateful for. My lovely food, the beautiful redwood trees outside my window, my health, that phone call from my grandson, the visit with my family.

Like everyone else I often get stuck complaining about the craziness of my life—and I love to share ‘my story’ with my friends.  Those of you who know me will agree that I often have strong opinions about how things should be done. Gratitude helps me remember that its only my opinion “not my movie” and be grateful for the life I have. Every glass of water or cup of tea I drink is filled with gratitude water, and I find my life overflowing with an abundance of love, caring, good friends, wonderful food, fun times and gratitude.

So take a glass bottle or jar, a magic marker and write the word “Gratitude” on you bottle and notice the difference in your life, fill your cup every day with gratitude. I would love to hear your experience.